H S Chapman
Society (UK)

Society Objects

These objects were confirmed and adopted at a meeting of the Society on 10th March 1999.

To promote public understanding of the need to retain the necessary checks and balances within the United Kingdom's electoral procedures in order to ensure fair and transparently free elections

To support the maintenance of scrutineering at elections both for the polling and counting processes.

To monitor the working of the existing electoral system and any new systems for national, regional or local elections introduced by Government within the United Kingdom.

To compare the working of United Kingdom electoral systems with those in other, countries.

To defend the principle of the secret ballot and of traceability of voting within the United Kingdom electoral systems as a deterrent to illegal or fraudulent practices.

To work for the maintenance of a fair electoral registration system.

To keep a watch for aspects of election law and procedure which, in the light of experience, require change.

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