H S Chapman
Society (UK)


Can we still trust our elections - by Paul Gribble

Draft Representation of the People (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations - by a special sub-committee

Speech by H.E. Minister Ellen Gracie Northfleet, Vice-president of the Brazilian Electoral Tribunal, delivered on 20th May, 2003 at Brazilian Election the House of Lords, on the occasion of the Annual meeting of the H.S. Chapman Society.

Following is the text of a speech by Cllr Geoffrey Harper at a Cambridgeshire County Council Meeting when moving the motion below.

Nicole Smith, Director of Policy and Strategy at the Electoral Commission addressed members of the HS Chapman Society when it met in the House of Lords on 11th October. Sam Younger, Chairman of the Commission, also attended the meeting.

Steve Lake - wrote an article in Area (the magazine of the Association of Electoral Administrators) at the end of his Chairmanship.

Douglas Bain CBE, TD Advocate, Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland gave a speech to the HS Chapman Society on
8 October 2007 titled ‘The Northern Ireland Experience of Individual Registration

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